The Elite Coaching Program


There's a reason why you haven’t "figured out how" 

The truth is, there is a system to getting out of debt and multiplying money... 

...that you’ll never discover by listening to podcasts or downloading “Freebies”

(You will not learn this complete system from late-night website stalking either. But you already knew that if you're still in debt.)

If you're...

  • Generating income but still struggle with living paycheck to paycheck. 
  • Trapped in a cycle of debt and can’t seem to figure out how to end it. 
  • Working countless hours but can’t seem to get ahead financially.
  • Stressed and frustrated because it feels like you’re just living to pay bills.  
  • Embarrassed that your bank account isn’t seeing any real growth. 

You could be…


  • Seeing more money than ever without waiting for your next check. 
  • Escaping the debt matrix once and for all. 
  • Cutting back on working so hard and putting your money to work for you. 
  • Putting yourself in a position to live for a living. 
  • Experiencing the power of compound interest to grow your money. 

The only reason you aren’t experiencing this (and more) right now is because no one has sat down with you and showed you the way. 

When it comes to financial success, there is way more to it than what you were taught. If you don’t know the underlying system that makes it work, you’ll never be able to break the debt cycle and build a solid financial foundation. I know this because I learned it the hard way.  

After continuously being trapped in the debt matrix, It was obvious that I was missing something. In a state of confusion and frustration, I looked up budgeting options and decided to face my debt head on. I planned to pay off my debt by applying more money to credit cards, but it seemed like something always came up.

“How can I stay out of debt?"

This was a question I asked myself as I tried to figure out the strategy on my own. I was no closer to figuring out the how to STAY out part; I could barely get out. 

I soon realized that I needed to invest in myself and get expert advice from someone who not only got out of debt, but was able to maintain a debt-free lifestyle.  

Though my intentions were good, my misguided resistance to investing in myself kept me in the debt matrix. 

After 3 years of getting nowhere, I finally invested in myself and found a mentor who taught me “the system”, and within 7 months...

  • I was out of the debt matrix, clearing $9,585.90 and building a solid financial foundation. ON A REDUCED SALARY!
  • I began investing 10-15% of my income without feeling a crunch. I’ve maintained a debt-free lifestyle for 3 years now.  
  • I made temporary sacrifices that landed me a feature in Forbes, one of which was a 365-day NO-SPEND challenge. 
  • I was finally able to feel a sense of freedom. NO MORE financial stress. 

If you're tired of trying to figure things out on your own and you’re ready to exit the matrix and build a solid financial foundation, I can fast track your success… 

With my Elite Coaching Program, you can clear debt, see more money with your current income and learn how to multiply your money.  

 A sample of what you’ll learn when we work together includes: 

  • Seeing more money now: How to position yourself to handle unexpected expenses.
  • How to be prepared for yearly expenses. 
  • Learn investment vehicles that I currently use. 
  • Discover the secrets to buying high-ticket items without going into more debt. 
  • Proper bank allocation to keep you on track with spending. 

Wealth creation strategy. 

  • How to create passive income streams.  
  • Access to my real estate course:Learn How To Get Started in Real Estate Without Using Your Money or Credit.

While everyone deserves a better financial lifestyle, not everyone is truly ready to commit to it. 

I know it sounds strange but it’s 100% true. I’m often able to spot individuals who say they are ready for change, but in actuality prefer to keep sabotaging themselves because of their broke mindset. While I have several products and programs to help individuals at all levels, I’m very specific about the type of individuals I work with in the Elite Coaching Program. 

This Elite 1-on-1 coaching IS for ...

  • Women who are ready to take their financial journey seriously. 
  • Women who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.
  • Women who see coaching as an investment and know that getting expert guidance will “shortcut” their success.
  • Women that have income but feel like they are hustling backwards. 
  • Women who are open to learning new things and enjoy challenging themselves. 
  • Women who are willing to take a leap of faith to get what they want.
  • Women who take action quickly and would rather do what it takes to achieve financial success. 
  • Women who are ready to secure the assets.

This Elite 1-on-1 coaching is NOT for…  

  • Women who are financially strapped and have limited resources to invest in themseles. 
  • Women who are more concerned with being consumers than producers.
  • Women who are “window shopping” for coaches and are not in need of immediate support.
  • Women who are scared, skeptical or otherwise iIl-equipped to get the results they want. 
  • Women who regularly pass up opportunities because they don’t think it’s the right time.
  • Women who aren't willing to give 100% commitment to the program.

The value of finding a good mentor or coach cannot be overstated. When we want to get into physical shape, we hire a personal trainer. Personal coaching is invaluable to promoting one’s financial health too. Having a knowledgeable financial coach -someone you can trust - gives you confidence and prepares you to make good decisions on your own. 

If you know that this is you, fill out a brief application and then come back to this page to schedule a call to see if we’re a good fit: